Derp, I don't know what to say really...I enjoy being a menace to society uhhh i hate my life uhhhh i longboard...uhhh and i know some pretty swaggin people. Yep, that pretty much sums it up :P

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If it wasn’t for my love of keeping appearances—

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This person is killing everyone with their superior hair game

It looks like they took fire, harnessed it’s beauty, and then infused their hair with it. Like wow. And their face with the hair, and the little finger twirl make it that much more fabulous. Admiration x100000

but no really, they are. 


fuckinshitfuck I wish I was this fabulous

There’s too much to think about. Never having a single thought is hell, so to never think is my solution. Never really feel, never actually processing..just subtitles to read and get some fuckin plot to this movie

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Some people freak out when they see a green smoothie, but really they taste pretty awesome if you balance the flavor out. I myself like the veggie taste, but for those who don’t, you can add honey and your favorite fruit to it and i promise it’ll be the sweetest thing! I put either kale or spinach as the greens and bananas to keep the green color to it. Now go try something new!😄
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Probably shouldnt’ve worn this to the jail today #ootd #toomuchbuns #americanapparel
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My name is Abigail Tanisha Clarke. I like kickboxing and stamp collecting. I am mixed with black and black and attend woodcrest high school. My aspirations in life is to marry a shot caller. #blackandbeautiful #newhair #newpersona #wiglife #talkaboutspontaneous
Great way to start the day ^_^ #ionlyknowhowtomakebreakfast #butdamn #yum
Vegan ice cream!💞
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Selling my white and gold prom dress for $150 and $200 with matching earrings and bracelet. Its a size 6 with the upper torso taken up about a inch. Its about 49” long, 28” around the waist, and 34” around the bust. I’m 5’6” and it goes to my ankles so any taller than that and it’ll probably look weird. Oh yeah its skirt has stretch to it, so the butt area ranges higher and lower than 42”. Message me if you’re interested.
I feel as if my body is in synch with the seasons; I silently wait, cocooned but ready, to bloom to burst, and to live, to flourish! My spring is coming💐💐💐
My pants are finally here<3 #americanapparel #happy
My life happens in flashes of light and dark;but my body really doesn’t go anywhere
And then I found this..#fineassfriday #mgmt #andrewvanwyngarden
Selling my denim HM sundress for $10. I actually want to keep this but this summer I’m going for longer skirts and dresses :P its a Medium. Price negotiable #promdressfund